Tullyard was established by the Hawthorne family in 1990 on the beautiful and extremely fertile Darling Downs in southeast Queensland as a small breeding farm for a few Thoroughbred and Warmblood horses for the personal use of the family. At this time Warmblood breeding took precedence due to Amelia competing in showjumping prolifically, and for a few years the Thoroughbred breeding took a back seat to the extravagant jumping Warmbloods.

In 2007 Ben & Amelia took the farm into their possession and began establishing Tullyard towards focusing on Thoroughbred care and breeding, specializing in Sale Preparation and Foaling down a small crop of mares.

Tullyard has had many new features added during this time, but will remain a boutique farm, catering for only a small number of mares and sale horses, providing us with the requirements to focus on each horse, and provide them with the precise care that each individual requires.